Vote Vernon not Buck

Watch this video of Buck at Fantasy Camp and you will soon see why you should vote for Vernon. Vernon has approximately 17.8 times more athletic ability than Buck


  1. john

    Hey Buck,
    I have voted for Vernon after his monster peformance yesterday. As for you, your my hero. I now have a new respect for Vernon but i would appreciate it if you would also vote for David Wright and ill keep using alias’s every time im a shea(season ticket holder) and ill vote for vernon every time. Just keep me in my at my Wrightoholics blog.


  2. dave

    Buck my man, I will be voting for Vernon Wells, and Alex Rios, whom I consider fantastic.
    How did you apply the Video clip to your site?

    Can you come on my site with the details, if you get a chance.

    Can you make it idiot proof for a thick like me ha-ha. Cheers dude, MADDOG

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