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How Sweep it is…

Welcome back AJ!

I believe this of first of many sweeps this year! Let’s go JAYS! It is time to make a move! Here is another song I wrote in honor of the sweep, sung to the tune of How Sweet it is, by Mr. James Taylor:

How sweet it is to win three of three. How sweet it is to win three of three.

I needed the curveball of someone’s arm, and there you were.

I needed a pitcher to strike out the side with pride, there you were.

With a fastball with motion, truly causing a commotion,

I want to stop, and thank you AJ. I want to stop, and you AJ.

How sweet it is to win three of three! How sweet it is to win three of three!


We dropped the last two games. Now is not the time to panic my friends. Rather, it is time to don our collective rally caps and turn the charma / momentum; or as I like to call it: the charmentum; in our favor.

For me that means I will spend the next several hours dipping my entire body in Blue Jay Blue and duck taping feathers to myself. Tonight as I watch m beloved Jays I will become the Blue Jay, GO JAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will also be eating an Oriole.





I’ll dance if it means more votes

I said if the Blue Jays received 500 All-Star votes for Vernon, I’d do it. They did and I did.

Buck Batting

Just having a little fun during the game with some Red Sox fans and my bat.

From Pies to Knives

Again, what’s a knife or two between friends? I’ll do anything to get votes for Vernon.

Took it to the face

What’s a pie or two between friends if it means Vernon gets more votes?