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Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Vernon Wells for the All-Star Game!

There can be no argument.  Vernon is an All-Star.  But, if you needconvincing, here is proof.  This list will make you aware of things about Vernon you may not have

10.  Once when he was stranded in the middle of the Sahara Dessert, Vernon saved himself and forty children by building a
hovercraft out of his own kidney.

9.  Rocky Balboa ate lightning and crapped thunder.  Vernon eats lightning…and holds it all in, baby.

8.  Vernon Wells once won a staring contest against a statue.

7.  Vernon Wells can communicate with dolphins, and they are actually
interested to hear what he has to say.

6.  There are eleven letters in "Vernon Wells".  Think
about it.

5.  Vernon Wells owns a chain of men’s lingerie stores modeled after Victoria’s Secret called Vernon’s Hidden Agenda.

4.  Vernon Wells once hit a home run…with his mind.

3.   To win a bet, Vernon Wells once ate an entire bowling ball.

2.  If you don’t vote for Vernon Wells, somewhere in the world, a puppy
will explode.

1. Every time you vote for Vernon, a Los Angeles Angel loses its wings!